I wanted to thank you for the gown and the shaitel. The kallah looked stunning and felt like a stunning bride. It made all the difference in the world.
I really really appreciate everything that you have done for us. It has eased the financial pressure a bit while dealing with the wedding preparations. It should be a zchus for Mayer’s neshama.
Just came from Sary Wigs a short while ago. They were incredibly nice and helpful. My daughter is so happy. She was treated like a queen!
Just got back! Had appointment at Sary today! Beyond special! Gift card arrived today. Thanks again!
My daughter received the Runway gift certificate - thank you for helping in this Simcha.
This is b’’h the fourth wedding I’m making in two years, and to be able to supply the kallah with such a beautiful beginning is beyond proper expression in words.
Just went to TLC Wigs today and it was a pleasure. Just wanted to say Thank You!
We went to Raquel today and picked up a beautiful wedding gown! Thank You!
Thank you so much for everything. The Sheva Brachos outfits from Runway are beautiful. We picked up the shaitel from Sary and they were such a pleasure to deal with. On Monday we went to Raquel and b’’h got such a nice gown. We cant thank you enough.
Went to the hat box. Had such a great experience
They treated me like a king and were so nice, helpful, and patient with every part of the process,
Thank you!