I wanted to thank you for the gown and the shaitel. The kallah looked stunning and felt like a stunning bride. It made all the difference in the world.
I really really appreciate everything that you have done for us. It has eased the financial pressure a bit while dealing with the wedding preparations. It should be a zchus for Mayer’s neshama.
Just came from Sary Wigs a short while ago. They were incredibly nice and helpful. My daughter is so happy. She was treated like a queen!
Just got back! Had appointment at Sary today! Beyond special! Gift card arrived today. Thanks again!
My daughter received the Runway gift certificate - thank you for helping in this Simcha.
This is b’’h the fourth wedding I’m making in two years, and to be able to supply the kallah with such a beautiful beginning is beyond proper expression in words.

Dear Simchas Mayer,

We wanted to say a tremendous Thank You to each of the chashuv individuals who are involved in this very special organization. With your help, our daughter has gotten an absolutely stunning shaitel from Sari, and beautiful clothing from the store, Runway. She was so excited to be able to get such beautiful things, and in such a "regular" way: In both locations, the women behind the counters, were so kind and knew right away what organization we were being covered by, and were so gracious about it. (Never did we feel like "tzedaka cases". )

It is obvious that you have mastered not just WHAT to do to help out the klal, but also HOW to do it. We have tremendous hakaras hatov.

The help that you are giving, all the $ thatis being donated, the good feelings that you are allowing these kallahs to feel should all bring an aliyas neshama to Mayer, and should be a zechus for you and your families. Tizku Limitzvos!

Just went to TLC Wigs today and it was a pleasure. Just wanted to say Thank You!
We went to Raquel today and picked up a beautiful wedding gown! Thank You!
Thank you so much for everything. The Sheva Brachos outfits from Runway are beautiful. We picked up the shaitel from Sary and they were such a pleasure to deal with. On Monday we went to Raquel and b’’h got such a nice gown. We cant thank you enough.
Went to the hat box. Had such a great experience
They treated me like a king and were so nice, helpful, and patient with every part of the process,
Thank you!