The mayer weiss fund, in memory of Mayer Weiss

The Simchas Mayer Fund

About Simchas Mayer


Mayer Weiss was married in December 2016. On Sunday, June 25th, Mayer passed away unexpectedly.  

Everyone that knew Mayer knew of his passion for weddings. Whether it was being involved in shidduchim or helping a friend out who was in the פרשה, or even collecting for a limo, which often ended up with him footing the bill. Mayer loved everything to do with weddings.

Shortly after the petira, the Simchas Mayer Fund was founded by his friends with the purpose of providing for Chassanim and Kallahs. The idea was to help those who cannot afford the various clothing expenses necessary to celebrate their wedding with dignity and joy. Our goal is to provide a true chessed to Jewish couples so they can celebrate their biggest Simcha looking and feeling like every Chosson and Kallah deserve to feel.


Our hope is that this fund not only brings an Aliya to Mayer's neshama but is also a source of bracha to all those in our community who are in need of a zivug.

We have partnered with Mayer’s Rosh Yeshivah HaRav Avrahm Zucker, the family’s Rabbi, Ha-Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, and Mayer’s uncle Nochum Sherman. This partnership will ensure that the money raised is handled and appropriated carefully.